Meet the Founder



Hey, my name is Elsie, I am a florist, folk herbalist and qualified mental health practitioner, farming flowers in Bristol, UK. 


I started Divina Botanica in the early months of 2019 after a traumatic experience forced me to heal in a way I had never known before. During this time, flowers became my way of speaking to myself. Having flowers in the house signified life, change, and the beauty that exists in the world. 


Floristry encouraged me to use my creativity and allowed me to be with nature, which in its own way invites you to be mindful, and makes you feel like you aren’t alone. 


So Divina Botanica was birthed through my healing journey. It was in this year that I also discovered flower essences. Flower essences, alongside therapy became a way in which I managed my feelings and emotions.

If you’d like to hear more about my story, read the Bristol247 article about Divina Botanica below. 

Guiding Principles 


My deep love and care for people and planet is at the heart of everything I do. This is why I source only the finest organic ingredients to craft the flower medicine, and I farm using regenerative earth practices. 


Nature gives me hope, and that is something that I want to

share with everyone through my work