Flower Crown Making Workshop
Saturday 7th August - 11am-1pm
Bridge Farm,Glenfrome Road, Bristol BS16  1BQ


Flowers As Medicine 

Saturday 5th August - 5.30pm-7.30pm
Dalson Grow, London , 

This workshop encapsulates everything I do with flowers. For me, flowers truly are medicine for the soul.

In this workshop I teach people how to begin to listen to the medicine of the flower through exploring form, shape and colour.

We all have a unique relationship to the natural world, and flowers are a brilliant introduction to finding symbolism and meaning in nature.

Fancy making something spectacular while exploring our special connection to nature?


Come and create a flower crown. You will be encouraged to visualise your crown and imagine how you would like your design to make you feel.


This meditative workshop will heighten your senses and deepen your appreciation for nature.