Flowers As Medicine Workshop

Flowers As Medicine Workshop


Would you like to explore your own unique connection to nature using the medium of flowers? This immersive 2.5 hour workshop explores how flowers are medicine for the soul.


Flowers are an invitation to slow down, take notice, and engage the senses. Their evolutionary purpose is to draw life in. Together we will take this journey into the world of flowers, and explore their symbolism, meaning, and medicine. 


In this workshop you will learn how flower medicine supports the nervous system and our mental health, how to tap into your own energy field to heighten your sense of intuition and connection to self , and how to use flowers as a nature connection tool. 


Once you have tuned into your own energy field to listen to the language of flowers, you will be invited to create a posy of flowers in a terracotta pot, rich with symbolism, for you to take home. 


The workshops take place on Bridge Farm in Eastville, Bristol, a gorgeous community farm, where the flowers grow. 


This workshop is suitable for anyone with a botanical fascination, an interest in herbs and healing,  or those wishing to deeper connect to themselves and the world around them. 




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    The workshop runs from 11am-1.30pm

    This price of this class includes the use of all equipment, tuition,  refreshments, foliage and flowers.

    Your flowers and the vessels that you use are yours to take with you at the end of this workshop.