Grow Flower Essence

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  • The Grow Flower Essence is designed to support your expansion and growth. Growth is sometimes like stepping into the unknown. It is about allowing yourself to become a new version of yourself. It requires letting go of old stories and stepping forward. This expansion takes courage and perseverance. Allow yourself to rise up and be seen. With purpose and intention, this blend can support you in becoming who you want to be. This expansive blend gives you the courage to say YES to yourself.


    Affirmations: It is safe to be seen. I am growing. I have everything I need within me for my journey. I allow myself to live the life I choose. I speak my truth and stand in my honest and integrity. I surround myself with nourishing connections. I respect myself. I allow myself to be less than perfect.


    Reflections: What do I need from my life to support my growth? How do I feel communicating my thoughts and feelings with people? What stops me from being the fullest version of myself? What supports me to be present? Can I notice which people affect my energy, positively or negatively?

    Can I notice which environments impact my energy, positively or negatively?


    Associated words: Confidence, self awareness, presence, embodiment, assertiveness, self reliance, integrity, clarity


    Ingredients: Spring Water (60%), Organic Vodka (40%), Energetic Imprint of  Blackberry (for energising growth), Bluebell ( for rising up, being seen), Hornbeam (also energising), Potentilla ( for quiet confidence/self belief), Nan's Polyanthus (being unrestrained, moving forward), Olive ( for perseverance), Dandelion (for self belief/confidence), (16% abv alcohol)


    How to take: 7 drops under the tongue when needed.