Root Flower Essence

Root Flower Essence

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This one is for the worriers, the overthinkers, and those that are stopped from living their life by anxiety. ⁠

The root flower essence supports those of us who are prone to anxiety and overwhelm. ⁠

The Root Flower Essence supports us to feel grounded, nurtured, and comforted.

Present in this essence blend is: ⁠

Cowslip - enhances feelings of nurturing and safety. I feel cowslip meets the younger parts of ourselves that hold on to scary or stressful memories ⁠

Wild Garlic -  supports the nervous system to reduce feelings of fear ⁠

Dandelion  - Brings light to the darkness, roots us, encourages us to be present with our emotions.⁠ ⁠

Walnut - A shell of protection for when we feel tender ⁠

Star Of Bethlehem -  a potent flower energy for when we feel overwhelmed, chaotic, emotional. Good for acute moments of stress and trauma.  Present in Bach's "Rescue Remedy" ⁠


Affirmations: I am safe. I trust myself. I am connected. I am grounded. I am enough. The earth holds me. I allow myself to feel.



Associated words: Nourishment, comfort, protection, discernment, self acceptance, self esteem, stability, support




    Ingredients: Spring Water (60%), Organic Vodka (40%), Energetic imprint of Cowslip (for nurturing, safety ), Wild Garlic (takes away fear, safety), Dandelion (being grounded and present with emotions), Walnut ( for protection ) , Star of Bethlehem (settling, brings you back into yourself). (16% abv alcohol)

    Each bottle is 30ml. 

    How to take: 7 drops under the tongue when needed.