Root Flower Essence

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  • Root Flower essence has been designed to support your nourishment and rest. It encourages you to prioritise your needs around safety and security, offers support in being with uncomfortable or difficult emotions by providing grounding and comfort. As a flower essence, this is subtle energy medicine, and is best taken over a period of time, with other supportive self care practices, such as journaling and self reflection. If you are struggling with overwhelming and dysregulating emotions, it is important to seek support for these from a registered therapist.

    Affirmations: I am safe. I trust myself. I am connected. I am grounded. I am enough. The earth holds me. I allow myself to feel.


    Reflections: Am I able to listen to what I need? What in life nourishes me? Do I allow myself to receive nourishment? Do I allow myself to rest? How can I ask for my needs to be met? What space do I need to create in my life so that I can listen to my truest desires? How do I feel communicating my yeses and my nos?


    Associated words: Nourishment, comfort, protection, discernment, self acceptance, self esteem, stability, support



    Ingredients: Spring Water (60%), Organic Vodka (40%), Energetic imprint of Cowslip (for nurturing, safety ), Wild Garlic (takes away fear, safety), Dandelion (being grounded and present with emotions), Walnut ( for protection ) , Star of Bethlehem (settling, brings you back into yourself). (16% abv alcohol)

    How to take: 7 drops under the tongue when needed.