Shine Flower Essence

SKU: 0007
  • A flower in bloom is a potent, alchemical occurrence. In direct communication with all of nature, a flower in bloom is both giving and receiving of a universal life force energy that sustains all of life. The ultimate aim of a flower is to create life, to regenerate. Love is the message, and we have bottled this to support you in holding this light and sharing it with the world. The world needs you to share your love, for the benefit of all beings on this planet.


    Affirmations: I am love. Abundance is my birth right. I am a channel for a never ending source of inspiration, creativity, and love. I witness love moving around me and through me. I feel joy. I give to the world, and the world gives to me. I am thankful. I allow myself to shine. As I witness the beauty in others, I witness the beauty in myself.


    Reflections: In what moments do I witness beauty? What does that feel like in my body? How can I invite more love into my life? How do I communicate beauty? How can I share love with others? Do I allow abundance to move through me? How can I explore the balance between giving and receiving? What do I want to offer the world?


    Ingredients: Spring Water (60%), Organic Vodka (40%), Energetic imprint of Buttercup (for shining your light), Twayblade(fearlessness), Wisteria (no more hiding), Clematis ( moving into abundance/creativity),Evening Primrose (inner light), Dandelion (pure sunshine vibes). (16% abv alcohol). 


    How to take: 7 drops under the tongue when needed.